Bootstrapping string dynamics in the 6d N = (2, 0) theories


Trepanier, M. (2022). Bootstrapping string dynamics in the 6d N = (2, 0) theories. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/22090089


Trepanier, Maxime. Bootstrapping string dynamics in the 6d N = (2, 0) theories. Perimeter Institute, Sep. 20, 2022, https://pirsa.org/22090089


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Maxime Trepanier King's College London


The 6d N = (2,0) theories are superconformal field theories believed to describe the low-energy dynamics of N coincident M5-branes. These theories don't have a known lagrangian description and remain largely mysterious, so it is an interesting question how one might calculate observables there.  An exciting prospect is to use the analytical conformal bootstrap, which offers a way to systematically calculate 1/N corrections at large N. In this talk I will present the bootstrap approach to a case study, that of calculating the 2-point function of stress tensors in the presence of a surface defect.  This setup turns out to be remarkably simple and helps us address some technical issues faced in similar calculations, notably we can derive a supersymmetric inversion formula and check crossing symmetry explicitly. I will also comment on the interpretation of our result in the context of holography, of the chiral algebra construction of Beem et al. and on what it can reveal about the interactions between M2 and M5-branes.

Zoom link:  https://pitp.zoom.us/j/92631930165?pwd=Qm9MQzlNdHo0WGJINUZBUVNaOXZxZz09