Phase diagram of the honeycomb Floquet code


Vu, D.T. (2022). Phase diagram of the honeycomb Floquet code. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/22110109


Vu, DinhDuy Tran. Phase diagram of the honeycomb Floquet code. Perimeter Institute, Nov. 23, 2022, https://pirsa.org/22110109


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DinhDuy Tran Vu University of Maryland, College Park

Talk Type Scientific Series


The Floquet code implements a periodic sequence of two-qubit measurements to realize the topological order. After each measurement round, the instantaneous stabilizer group can be mapped to a honeycomb toric code, thus explaining the topological feature. However, the code also possesses a time-crystal order distinct from a stationary toric code – an e-m exchange after every cycle. In this work, we construct a continuous path interpolating between the Floquet and toric codes, focusing on the transition between the time-crystal and non-time crystal phases. We show that this transition is characterized by a diverging length scale. We also add single qubit noise to the model and obtain a two-dimensional parametric phase diagram of the Floquet code.

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