Phase diagrams of spin-S Kitaev ladders


Chen, Y. (2023). Phase diagrams of spin-S Kitaev ladders. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/23020050


Chen, Yushao. Phase diagrams of spin-S Kitaev ladders. Perimeter Institute, Feb. 13, 2023, https://pirsa.org/23020050


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Yushao Chen Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

Talk Type Scientific Series


We investigate the ground states of spin-S Kitaev ladders using exact analytical solutions (for S=1/2), perturbation theory, and the density matrix renormalization group (DMRG) method. We find an even-odd effect: in the case of half-integer S, we find phases with spontaneous symmetry breaking (SSB) and symmetry-protected topological (SPT) order; for integer S, we find SSB and trivial paramagnetic phases. We also study the transitions between the various phases; notably, for half-integer S we find a transition between two distinct SPT orders, and for integer S we find unnecessary first order phase transitions within a trivial phase

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