SDP approaches for quantum polynomial optimization


Ligthart, L. (2023). SDP approaches for quantum polynomial optimization. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/23040122


Ligthart, Laurens. SDP approaches for quantum polynomial optimization. Perimeter Institute, Apr. 20, 2023, https://pirsa.org/23040122


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Laurens Ligthart Universität zu Köln


"Many relevant tasks in Quantum Information processing can be expressed as polynomial optimization problems over states and operators. In the earlier talk by David, we saw that this is also the case for certain (quantum) causal compatibility and causal optimization problems. This talk will focus on several closely related semidefinite programming (SDP) hierarchies that have recently been shown to be complete for such polynomial optimization problems [arxiv:2110.14659, 2212.11299, 2301.12513]. We give a high-level overview of the techniques and mathematics that are needed for proving such statements. In particular, we will see a version of a Quantum De Finetti theorem, as well as a sketch of a constructive proof of convergence for the SDP hierarchies. Afterwards, these results are linked back to the causal compatibility problem to conclude that such SDP hierarchies are complete for a certain type of causal structures known as tree networks."