Grad Student Seminar with Jacob Barnett


Barnett, J. (2023). Grad Student Seminar with Jacob Barnett. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/23040152


Barnett, Jacob. Grad Student Seminar with Jacob Barnett. Perimeter Institute, Apr. 17, 2023, https://pirsa.org/23040152


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Jacob Barnett University of the Basque Country

Talk Type Scientific Series


Jacob Barnett, Perimeter Institute

Locality and Exceptional Points in Pseudo-Hermitian Physics

This talk discusses the role of non-Hermitian operators in fundamental and effective theories of physics. An implicit assumption of the tensor product model of locality is that the inner product factorizes with the tensor product. Quasi-Hermitian quantum frameworks can be used to lift this assumption while preserving the reality of spectra and unitarity. After characterizing local observable algebras and expectation values, I will examine Bell's inequality and its generalizations, the nonlocal games, in the setting of quasi-Hermitian theories. Pseudo-Hermitian operators characterize systems with time-reversal symmetry. These operators exhibit rich perturbative and symmetry-breaking properties that are unparalleled in the Hermitian regime. I will convey some geometric and topological aspects of these features, with emphasis placed on non-interacting many-body systems.