Grad Student Seminar with Bruno Torres


de Souza Leao Torres, B. (2023). Grad Student Seminar with Bruno Torres. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/23050081


de Souza Leao Torres, Bruno. Grad Student Seminar with Bruno Torres. Perimeter Institute, May. 01, 2023, https://pirsa.org/23050081


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Bruno de Souza Leao Torres Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

Talk Type Scientific Series


Bruno Torres, Perimeter Institute & University of Waterloo

Optimal coupling for local entanglement extraction from a quantum field

The entanglement structure of quantum fields is of central importance in various aspects of the connection between spacetime geometry and quantum field theory. However, it is challenging to quantify entanglement between complementary regions of a quantum field theory due to the formally infinite amount of entanglement present at short distances. We present an operationally-motivated way of analyzing entanglement in a QFT by considering the entanglement which can be transferred to a set of local probes coupled to the field. In particular, using a lattice approximation to the field theory, we show how to optimize the coupling of the local probes with the field in a given region to most accurately capture the original entanglement present between that region and its complement. This coupling prescription establishes a bound on the entanglement between complementary regions that can be extracted to probes with finitely many degrees of freedom.