Portents of new physics from extreme gravity


East, W. (2023). Portents of new physics from extreme gravity. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/23050157


East, William. Portents of new physics from extreme gravity. Perimeter Institute, May. 31, 2023, https://pirsa.org/23050157


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William East Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

Talk Type Scientific Series


Complementing the spectacular breakthroughs in gravitational wave and multi-messenger astronomy, advancements in our theoretical understanding and modelling of the strong gravity are essential to apprehending the nonlinear dynamics of spacetime, and to unlocking the full potential of the observations. I will illustrate the scope of new physics that might be probed by black holes, neutron stars, and other such systems, including testing general relativity and strong gravity signatures of new particles, and describe some recent developments that allow for uncovering novel phenomena and making detailed predictions in this regime.

Zoom Link: https://pitp.zoom.us/j/96180256322?pwd=LzEyd3ZBWGdZeDR6MjB1dGpLWFRpUT09