Research Talk 8 - The Virasoro Minimal String


Eberhardt, L. (2023). Research Talk 8 - The Virasoro Minimal String. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/23070034


Eberhardt, Lorenz. Research Talk 8 - The Virasoro Minimal String. Perimeter Institute, Jul. 25, 2023, https://pirsa.org/23070034


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I will explain a new 2d gravity/matrix model duality. The bulk theory can be defined as a minimal string theory whose matter sector is given by timelike Liouville theory instead of a minimal model. The theory admits a dual description in terms of a double-scaled matrix integral whose leading density of states is given by the universal Cardy density of states in a 2d CFT of central charge c, thus motivating us to call the bulk theory the Virasoro minimal string. The duality can be derived by exploiting a certain relation to 3d gravity compactified on a circle. For large central charge, it reduces to the duality between JT-gravity and the corresponding double-scaled matrix integral. Based on work in collaboration with Scott Collier, Beatrix Mühlmann and Victor Rodriguez.