Hammers & Nails climate workshop - Closing remarks


Knörr, A. (2023). Hammers & Nails climate workshop - Closing remarks. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/23070050


Knörr, Anna. Hammers & Nails climate workshop - Closing remarks. Perimeter Institute, Jul. 17, 2023, https://pirsa.org/23070050


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Anna Knörr ETH Zurich

Talk Type Conference


The aim of the Hammers & Nails climate workshop was to give researchers at Perimeter a unique opportunity to interact with invited experts from diverse fields related to climate, energy and biodiversity. The first half of the workshop was dedicated to short research pitches, where both PI researchers as well as invited guests from the Math4Climate network (including e.g. Waterloo Center for Innovation and Complexity, UW's Climate Institute, Energy Institute, Water Institute) could present their hammers & nails. Nails refers to open challenges within climate, energy & biodiversity research. Hammers refers to methods used by PI researchers in their daily work (e.g. causal inference, techniques in algebraic topology, strong gravity simulations etc.). The second half of the workshop built on these pitches through informal group discussions. Conversations from the workshop may be continued in the future through informal lunches and reading groups.