Conformal Colliders Meet the LHC


Moult, I. (2024). Conformal Colliders Meet the LHC. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/24020043


Moult, Ian. Conformal Colliders Meet the LHC. Perimeter Institute, Feb. 02, 2024, https://pirsa.org/24020043


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Ian Moult Yale University

Talk Type Scientific Series


Jets of hadrons produced at high-energy colliders provide experimental access to the dynamics of asymptotically free quarks and gluons and their confinement into hadrons. Motivated by recent developments in conformal field theory, we show that questions of interest in collider physics can be reformulated as the study of correlation functions of a specific class of light-ray operators and their associated operator product expansion (OPE). We show that multi-point correlation functions of these operators can be measured in real collider data, allowing us to experimentally verify the scaling properties associated with the OPE, and providing new insights into the dynamics of the confinement transition.


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