Hands-On Maple Workshop

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Generally speaking, physicists still experience that computing with paper and pencil is in most cases simpler than computing with a Computer Algebra System.  Although that is true in some cases, the working paradigm is changing: developments in CAS, and particularly recent ones in the Maple system, have resulted in the implementation of most of the mathematical objects and mathematics used in theoretical physics computations, and have dramatically approximated the notation used in the computer to the one used with paper and pencil, diminishing the learning gap and computer-syntax distraction to a strict minimum.  In this talk, the Physics project at Maplesoft will be presented and the resulting Physics package will be illustrated through simple problems in classical field theory, quantum mechanics and general relativity, and through tackling the computations of some recent Physical Review papers in those areas.  In addition to the 10:00 am lecture (taking place in Alice), there will be an afternoon hands-on workshop taking place from 2:00 - 5:00 pm in the Time Room.

We recommend that participants for the hands-on workshop bring their own laptop with a copy of Maple installed. Please contact Erik Schnetter <[email protected]> ahead of time if you cannot do this, and we will try to make other arrangements. 

Registration for this event is now closed.