Quantum Gravity 2023/24

13 talks
Collection Number C24024
Collection Type Course
Subject Quantum Gravity
Description The course centers on an in-depth study of the symmetry structure of General Relativity and how this is intimately related to its dynamics and to the challenges posed to its quantization. To achieve this understanding, we will introduce a host of concepts and techniques, broadly (and loosely) known under the name of “Covariant Phase Space Method”. This provides a different perspective on GR’s physics, a perspective in which phase space, rather than spacetime, is front and center. We will apply these ideas and techniques to discuss the so-called Problem of Time, Wald's approach to black hole entropy as a Noether charge, and the relationship between Dirac's Hypersurface Deformation Algebra and GR's symmetries and dynamics. We will also discuss the problem of detecting single gravitons as well as crucial analogies and differences between a quantum electromagnetic and gravitational field. Lecture notes specific for the course will be provided.
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