Talks by Adam Brown

Black Holes and Quantum Computation

Adam Brown Stanford University

I will discuss the `holographic complexity conjecture', that seeks to relate the size of the wormhole that lies behind a black hole horizon to quantum computational complexity.

holographic path to the turbulent side of gravity

  • Adam Brown Stanford University
  • Stephen Green Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics - Albert Einstein Institute (AEI)
We study the dynamics of a 2+1 dimensional relativistic viscous conformal fluid in Minkowski spacetime. Such fluid solutions arise as duals, under the "gravity/fluid correspondence", to 3+1 dimensional asymptotically anti-de Sitter (AAdS) black brane solutions to the Einstein equation. We examine stability properties of shear flows, which correspond to hydrodynamic quasinormal modes of the black brane. We find that, for sufficiently high Reynolds number, the solution undergoes an inverse turbulent cascade to long wavelength modes.

Quantum and Thermal decay in de Sitter space

Adam Brown Stanford University
What does vacuum decay look like in an inflating, de Sitter, spacetime? Is it predominantly a quantum process of tunneling through the barrier, or a thermal process of tunneling over the barrier?

Cryptographic Protocols in a Quantum World

Adam Brown Stanford University
I will survey recent feasibility results on building multi-party cryptographic protocols which manipulate quantum data or are secure against quantum adversaries. The focus will be protocols for secure evaluation of quantum circuits. Along the way, I'll discuss how quantum machines can (and can't) prove knowledge of a secret to a distrustful partner. The talk is based on recent unpublished results, as well as older joint work with subsets of Michael Ben-Or, Claude Crepeau, Daniel Gottesman, and Avinatan Hasidim (STOC '02, FOCS '02, Eurocrypt '05, FOCS '06).