Dorit Aharonov is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She has made major contributions to the theoretical foundations of quantum computation, in particular in the context of understanding and counteracting the effects of ‘noisy’ environments on delicate quantum systems performing computations, the identification of a quantum to classical phase transition in fault tolerant  quantum computers, the development of new tools and approaches for the design of quantum algorithms, and the study of ground states of many body quantum Hamiltonians for various classes of Hamiltonians, from a computational complexity point of view. In 2006 she was awarded the Krill prize for excellence in scientific research. Dr. Aharonov is on the faculty of Perimeter Scholars International. Past PI Talks:

Talks by Dorit Aharonov

Harnessing Quantum Physics

This panel will explore some of the deepest questions facing those who would harness the power of quantum mechanics in new quantum technologies: What are the newest and most interesting discoveries researchers have made about quantum information? What progress has been made in recent years towards experimentally harnessing quantum devices for quantum computation? What are the main motivations for building quantum information processing technologies? Drs. Aharonov and Shor appear courtesy of Institute for Quantum Computing.