Talks by Guifre Vidal

Simulating an expanding universe on Google's Bristlecone

Guifre Vidal Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
I will describe a proposal to simulate MERA on Google's 72 qubit NISQ device known as Bristlecone, and explain how it can be the basis for simulating inflation in an early universe. Other applications of this proposal include benchmarking of the NISQ device, hybrid classical quantum optimizations and quantum machine learning.

The continuous multi-scale entanglement renormalization ansatz (cMERA)

Guifre Vidal Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
The first half of the talk will introduce the cMERA, as proposed by Haegeman, Osborne, Verschelde and Verstratete in 2011 [1], as an extension to quantum field theories (QFTs) in the continuum of the MERA tensor network for lattice systems. The second half of the talk will review recent results [2] that show how a cMERA optimized to approximate the ground state of a conformal field theory (CFT) retains all of its spacetime symmetries, although these symmetries are realized quasi-locally. In particular, the conformal data of the original CFT can be extracted from the optimized cMERA. [1] J.