Talks by Michele Arzano

Getting hot without accelerating: vacuum thermal effects from conformal quantum mechanics

Michele Arzano Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II

In this talk I will discuss how the generators of radial conformal symmetries in Minkowski space-time are related to the generators of time evolution in conformal quantum mechanics. Within this correspondence I will show that in conformal quantum mechanics the state corresponding to the inertial vacuum for a conformally invariant field in Minkowski space-time has the structure of a thermofield double. The latter is built from a bipartite "vacuum state" corresponding to the ground state of the generators of hyperbolic time evolution, which cover only a portion of the time domain.

Fun from none: deformed Fock space and hidden entanglement

Michele Arzano Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II
Attempts to go beyond the framework of local quantum field theory include scenarios in which the action of external symmetries on the quantum fields Hilbert space is deformed. A common feature of these models is that the quantum group symmetry of their Hilbert spaces induces additional structure in the multiparticle states which in turns reflects a non-trivial momentum-dependent statistics.