Georgi Dvali

Gia Dvali is the Silver Professor of Physics at New York University’s Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics and a member of the Theory Division at CERN, in Geneva. Prof. Dvali investigates fundamental questions at the intersection between particle physics and cosmology, including quantum gravity, and the very early universe. He has put forward ideas on large extra dimensions, large-distance modification of gravity and brane inflation in string theory, and suggested experimentally-testable explanations for the quantum stability of the weak interaction scale.

Past PI Talks:
•    “Degravitation”
•    “Gravity Probes and Graviton Hair”  
•    “Accelerated Universe and Gravity at Smallest and Largest”
•     “Landscape Attractors”  
•    All recorded PI talks by Prof. Dvali may be viewed here.

Talks by Georgi Dvali