6D Brane Models and their Perturbations


Parameswaran, S. (2009). 6D Brane Models and their Perturbations. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/09050069


Parameswaran, Susha. 6D Brane Models and their Perturbations. Perimeter Institute, May. 25, 2009, https://pirsa.org/09050069


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Susha Parameswaran University of Liverpool


Models with two supersymmetric large extra dimensions (SLED) may provide a way to approach both the cosmological constant problem and dark energy. After reviewing these ideas, I shall discuss warped brane world solutions in 6D supergravity, as a laboratory in which to explore SLED and codimension two branes in general. Solving the linearized perturbations for all the bosonic fields, and some of the fermions, we can observe how the corresponding physics compares with 5D models and standard Kaluza-Klein compactifications. These results should help to better our understanding of the cancellations in the 4D effective vacuum energy with SLED.