I will consider physical theories which describe systems with limited information content. This limit is not due observer's ignorance about some “hidden” properties of the system - the view that would have to be confronted with Bell's theorem - but is of fundamental nature. I will show how the mathematical structure of these theories can be reconstructed from a set of reasonable axioms about probabilities for measurement outcomes. Among others these include the “locality” assumption according to which the global state of a composite system is completely determined by correlations between local measurements. I will demonstrate that quantum mechanics is the only theory from the set in which composite systems can be in entangled (non-separable) states. Within Hardy's approach this feature allows to single out quantum theory from other probabilistic theories without a need to assume the “simplicity” axiom. 1. Borivoje Dakic, Caslav Brukner (in preparation) 2. Caslav Brukner, Anton Zeilinger, Information Invariance and Quantum Probabilities, arXiv:0905.0653 3. Tomasz Paterek, Borivoje Dakic, Caslav Brukner, Theories of systems with limited information content, arXiv:0804.1423


Talk Number PIRSA:09080002
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