Composite systems and information processing


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The talk will focus primarily on recent work with Alexander Wilce in which we show that any locally tomographic composite of a qubit with any finite-dimensional homogeneous self-dual (equivalently Jordan-algebraic) system must be a standard finite-dimensional quantum (i.e. $C^*$-algebraic) system.  I may touch on work in progress with collaborators on composites of arbitrary homogeneous self-dual systems.  As motivation I will relate the properties of homogeneity and weak and strong self-duality to information processing phenomena, especially Schrooedingerian "steering" and teleportation (touching on earlier work with Wilce and Gaebler, as well as Barrett and Leifer).  If time permits I will explain the relation between some category-theoretic notions coming from the approach of Abramsky and Coecke and Selinger, notably compactness and dagger-compactness, to weak self-duality (work with Ross Duncan and Wilce).