Quantum Gravity Effects in the (Early and Late) Universe


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Alexander, Stephon, et al. Quantum Gravity Effects in the (Early and Late) Universe. Perimeter Institute, Oct. 23, 2012, https://pirsa.org/12100090


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Quantum Gravity at the origin of seeds of cosmic structure?
This meeting shows a our impatience for uncovering at long last any signal of unknown physics that might have a quantum gravitational origin. I will argue that the transition from a homogenous and isotropic state characterizing the mid-early parts of inflation ( i.e. the regime after sufficient e- folds of inflation have elapsed so that all traces of the pre-inflationary state are erased), to those eras, where the primordial inhomogeneities have appears might hold ins testing clues about the nature of quantum gravity


Quantum gravity and cosmology
In the light of upcoming high-precision data from the Planck mission and possible trans-Planckian signatures encoded in eg the microwave background radiation, and in view of possible large-distance modifications of gravity and the accelearted expansion of the universe