Quoins versus Coins


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Rudolph, Terry. Quoins versus Coins. Perimeter Institute, Mar. 27, 2013, https://pirsa.org/13030000


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Terry Rudolph Imperial College London

Talk Type Scientific Series


Human monkeys are used to thinking about the problem of choosing from a set of objects according to some desired, biased, probability distribution. Just think about how you chose your partner(s). Even when it is easy for you to do such a sampling, it can be difficult to do a quantum sampling (Q-Sampling) of the same distribution. By Q-Sampling I mean the creation of a coherent superposition of states of such objects whose amplitudes are the (square roots of) of the specified distribution. In this talk I will discuss what we do know about this problem, why it is interesting, and will discuss how it can let us achieve tasks with quantum information that are provably impossible classically.