Fuzzballs, Firewalls and all that


Mathur, S. (2014). Fuzzballs, Firewalls and all that. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/14110087


Mathur, Samir. Fuzzballs, Firewalls and all that. Perimeter Institute, Nov. 12, 2014, https://pirsa.org/14110087


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Samir Mathur Ohio State University

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Some 40 years ago Hawking showed that if the black hole has a smooth horizon, then information will be lost when the black hole radiates. In string theory black holes appear to have a complete set of `hair'; these black hole states are called fuzzballs, and they radiate like normal bodies with no information loss. It was recently argued that structure at the horizon will necessarily feel like a `firewall' to an infalling observer. We will show that this need not be the case, since one can have `fuzzball complementarity' where an approximately smooth horizon appears as a `dual' description.