Spread of entanglement and causality


Mezei, M. (2015). Spread of entanglement and causality. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/15080068


Mezei, Mark. Spread of entanglement and causality. Perimeter Institute, Aug. 18, 2015, https://pirsa.org/15080068


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Mark Mezei Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


We investigate causality constraints on the time evolution of entanglement entropy after a global quench. We analyze three models for the spread of entanglement: holographic quenches, the free particle streaming model of Calabrese and Cardy generalized to higher dimensions and an arbitrary pattern of entanglement, and a particle model with an infinite scattering rate. In these models we exhibit the intricate interplay of causality, strong subadditivity, and maximally entangled subsystems. Finally, using strong subadditivity we prove that the normalized rate of growth of entanglement entropy is bounded by the speed of light.