Order parameter for chaos


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Beni Yoshida Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics


The fact that a black hole is a fast-scrambler is at the heart of black hole information paradoxes. It has been suggested that chaos can be diagnosed by using an out-of-time correlation function, which is closely related to the commutator of operators separated in time. In this talk I propose that the tripartite information (also known as topological entanglement entropy) can be used as a quantitative information theoretic measure of chaos. By viewing a quantum channel as a state via the Choi-Jamilkowski isomorphism, the tripartite information measures four-party entanglement between the “past” and the “future”, much like an out-of-time correlation function. I will compute the time-evolution of the tripartite information for three systems; (a) non-integrable spin systems on a lattice, (b) planar networks of perfect tensors which mimic the growth of the Einstein-Rosen bridge and (c) a holographic system. This talk is based on an ongoing work with Xiaoliang Qi and Daniel Roberts.