Singular support of categories


Arinkin, D. (2016). Singular support of categories. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/16040075


Arinkin, Dima. Singular support of categories. Perimeter Institute, Apr. 19, 2016, https://pirsa.org/16040075


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Dima Arinkin University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


In many situations, geometric objects on a space have some kind of singular support, which refines the usual support. For instance, for smooth X, the singular support of a D-module (or a perverse sheaf) on X is as a conical subset of the cotangent bundle; similarly, for quasi-smooth X, the singular support of a coherent sheaf on X is a conical subset of the cohomologically shifted cotangent bundle. I would like to describe a higher categorical version of this notion. Let X be a smooth variety, and let Z be a closed conical isotropic subset of the cotangent bundle of X. I will define a 2-category associated with Z; its objects may be viewed as `categories over X with singular support in Z'. In particular, if Z is the zero section, we simply consider categories over Z in the usual sense. This talk is based on a joint project with D.Gaitsgory. The project is motivated by the local geometric Langlands correspondence; I plan to sketch the relation with the Langlands correspondence in the talk.