Spinon Walk in Quantum Spin Ice


Wan, Y. (2016). Spinon Walk in Quantum Spin Ice. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/16050042


Wan, Yuan. Spinon Walk in Quantum Spin Ice. Perimeter Institute, May. 12, 2016, https://pirsa.org/16050042


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Yuan Wan Chinese Academy of Sciences


Quantum spin ice is a frustrated magnet that displays rich emergent phenomena. For example, the magnetic moments carried by the spins may separate into mobile magnetic charges, producing quantum fractional excitations known as spinons. The spinon moves in a background of disordered spins, and its motion is strongly coupled to the spin background. In this talk, I will demonstrate that the spinon dynamics can be described as a quantum walk with entropy-induced memory. Our numerical simulation shows that the dynamics of spinon exhibits a remarkable renormalization phenomenon: the spinon behaves as a massive free particle at low energy despite its strong coupling at the lattice scale.