Emergence of conformal symmetry in critical spin chains


Milsted, A. (2017). Emergence of conformal symmetry in critical spin chains. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/17040033


Milsted, Ashley. Emergence of conformal symmetry in critical spin chains. Perimeter Institute, Apr. 18, 2017, https://pirsa.org/17040033


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Ashley Milsted California Institute of Technology


We demonstrate that 1+1D conformal symmetry emerges in critical spin chains by constructing a lattice ansatz Hn for (certain combinations of) the Virasoro generators Ln. The generators Hn offer a new way of extracting conformal data from the low energy eigenstates of the lattice Hamiltonian on a finite circle. In particular, for each energy eigenstate, we can now identify which Virasoro tower it belongs to, as well as determine whether it is a Virasoro primary or a descendant (and similarly for global conformal towers and global conformal primaries/descendants). The central charge is obtained from a simple ground-state expectation value. Non-universal, finite-size corrections are the main source of error. We propose and demonstrate the use of periodic Matrix Product States, together with an improved ground state solver, to reach larger system sizes. We uncover that, importantly, the MPS single-particle excitation ansatz accurately describes all low energy excited states.