Shape Dynamics: Perspectives and Problems


Barbour, J. (2017). Shape Dynamics: Perspectives and Problems. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/17050043


Barbour, Julian. Shape Dynamics: Perspectives and Problems. Perimeter Institute, May. 15, 2017, https://pirsa.org/17050043


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Julian Barbour University of Oxford

Talk Type Conference


Shape Dynamics(SD) can be derived from principles that differ in significant respects from Einstein's derivation of GR. It requires a spatially closed universe and allows a smaller set of solutions than GR does for this case. There are indications that its solution space can be fully characterized and endowed with a measure. These architectonic features suggest that SD can explain the arrows of time as direct consequences of the law of the universe. They do not require special initial conditions. I will discuss these and other major issues on which SD may cast light. I will also discuss the problems that face SD.