Various links between supersymmetry and the normed division algebras R,C,H,O were found in the 1980s. This talk will focus on the link between K=R,C,H,0 and supersymmetric field theories in a Minkowski spacetime of dimension D=3,4,6,10. The first half will survey the history starting with a 1944/5 paper of Dirac and heading towards the links found in 1986/7 between R,C,H,O and super-Yang-Mills theories. The second half will review a result from 1993 that connects, via a twistor-type transform, the superfield equations of super-Maxwell theory in D=3,4,6,10 to a K-chirality constraint on a K-valued worldline superfield of N=1,2,4,8 worldline supersymmetry. This provide an explicit connection of octonions to the free-field D=10 super-Maxwell theory.


Talk Number PIRSA:21020009
Speaker Profile Paul Townsend