Non-Invertible Symmetries in d>2


Kaidi, J. (2022). Non-Invertible Symmetries in d>2. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/22060007


Kaidi, Justin. Non-Invertible Symmetries in d>2. Perimeter Institute, Jun. 06, 2022, https://pirsa.org/22060007


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Justin Kaidi Stony Brook University


In this talk I will review some recent progress in the study of non-invertible symmetries in dimensions d>2. After introducing known constructions and describing how they lead to constraints on RG flows, I will discuss how non-invertible symmetries can also be used to obtain new RG flows. This involves the notion of ``non-invertible twisted compactification,” which can be used to construct e.g. novel 3d N=6 theories from 4d N=4 SYM. Finally, I will describe upcoming work in which we give a partial criterion for determining whether a given non-invertible symmetry is ``intrinsically non-invertible”, or whether it can be recast (in an appropriate sense) as a standard invertible symmetry with an anomaly.