Quantum groups, clusters, and Hamiltonian reduction


Shapiro, A. (2023). Quantum groups, clusters, and Hamiltonian reduction. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/23040130


Shapiro, Alexander. Quantum groups, clusters, and Hamiltonian reduction. Perimeter Institute, Apr. 13, 2023, https://pirsa.org/23040130


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Alexander Shapiro University of Edinburgh


Cluster structure on a quantum group allows one to work with its positive representations, a special class of modules similar in spirit to principal series representations but closed under tensor multiplication. On the other hand, cluster techniques proved inadequate for the study of finite-dimensional representation theory. I will discuss how one can reconcile positive and finite-dimensional representations into one theory by studying moduli spaces of local systems with non-generic monodromies.

Zoom link:  https://pitp.zoom.us/j/97677905324?pwd=Tkxlei9wN1llYVpncHA2cnpYKzlhUT09