Quantization of the Ngô morphism (VIRTUAL)


Gannon, T. (2024). Quantization of the Ngô morphism (VIRTUAL). Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/24050069


Gannon, Tom. Quantization of the Ngô morphism (VIRTUAL). Perimeter Institute, May. 09, 2024, https://pirsa.org/24050069


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Tom Gannon University of California, Los Angeles


We will discuss work, joint with Victor Ginzburg, on the quantization (non-commutative deformation) of the Ngô morphism, a morphism of group schemes which plays a key role in Ngô’s proof of the fundamental lemma in the Langlands program. We will also discuss how the tools used to construct this morphism can be used to prove conjectures of Ben-Zvi—Gunningham, which predict that this morphism gives “spectral decomposition” of DG categories with an action of a reductive group over the coarse quotient of a maximal Cartan subalgebra by the affine Weyl group.


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