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Loops 13

A Quantum Gravity Extension of the Infationary Scenario

Ivan Agullo Louisiana State University (LSU)
Since the standard inflationary paradigm is based on quantum field theory on classical space-times, it excludes the Planck era. Using techniques from loop quantum gravity, the theory is extended to overcome this limitations. The new framework sharpens conceptual issues by distinguishing between the true and apparent trans-Planckian difficulties and provides sufficient conditions under which the true difficulties can be overcome within a quantum gravity theory, with interesting lessons for both theory and observations.

Some Possible Ways to Observe Consequences of Loop Quantum Gravity

Aurelien Barrau Laboratoire de Physique Subatomique et de Cosmologie de Grenoble
In this talk, I'll briefly review some possible observational consequences of loop quantum gravity. I will first address the issue of the closure of the algebra of constraints in holonomy-corrected effective loop quantum cosmology for tensor, vector, and scalar modes. I will underline some unexpected features like a possible change of signature. The associated primordial power spectrum and the basics of the related CMB analysis will be presented. The "asymptotic silence" hypothesis will be mentioned as a promising alternative.