Asymptotic Safety in a Dark Universe

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The asymptotic safety paradigm is currently emerging as a highly promising idea for Beyond-Standard-Model physics with key progress in asymptotically safe quantum gravity and asymptotically safe matter models. The last years have seen not only the development of asymptotically safe gravity-matter models but also the discovery of asymptotically safe beyond Standard Model matter models that are under control in perturbation theory. New exciting avenues in (astro) particle physics are now waiting to be explored. For example although the nature of dark matter is a long-standing riddle it is a fact that experimental searches have so far not provided any direct clues but have instead come up with ever more stringent constraints on theoretically preferred regions of parameter space for dark-matter-models. Thus the key to unraveling this riddle could be a new theoretical paradigm to guide model builders. This workshop aims at exploring whether asymptotic safety can be a candidate for this new paradigm. We aim to bring together experts on phenomenological models and quantum gravity to probe both the theoretical viability and empirical signatures of asymptotically safe extensions of the standard model that include gravity. To facilitate a highly productive meeting that can trigger new collaborations each talk will be followed up by 15-20 minutes discussion time. Further each day of the workshop will feature a dedicated discussion session. Participants will be encouraged to contribute questions for the discussion both before as well as during the workshop. The last day of the workshop will conclude with a roadmap discussion during which all participants will be given the opportunity to propose concrete suggestions for follow-up work that might lead into future joint projects.

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