I was born in Manitoba and was raised in various places around Western Canada, Ontario and Europe. I received my B.Sc., with a joint honours in Physics and Applied Math from the University of Waterloo, and continued for doctoral work in Theoretical Particle Physics at the University of Texas in Austin under the supervision of Steven Weinberg. After doing a postdoctoral stint at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, I became a professor at McGill University, ending up being appointed as a James McGill professor there in 2003. I am presently an Associate Member at PI with a joint appointment as a Professor within McMaster University's department of Physics and Astronomy. I was elected a Fellow to the Royal Society of Canada in 2008, and awarded the CAP/CRM medal for Theoretical Physics in 2010.

Talks by Cliff Burgess

Something New Under (and in) the Sun? Effective field theories for point sources and the Hydrogen atom

Cliff Burgess McMaster University

This talk applies effective field theory to the back-reaction of sources with finite size but infinite mass. The main tool for calculating back-reaction is a general relation between a source's effective action and the boundary conditions of `bulk’ fields in the near-source limit. As applied to the Maxwell (or Einstein) fields for point sources this boundary condition reproduces standard Gauss’ Law expressions, but the same arguments imply source-dependent boundary conditions for the Schrodinger (or Dirac) field of an orbiting particle.