Talks by David Mattingly

Universal problems

David Mattingly University of New Hampshire
Arguments that gravity cannot be a local renormalizable quantum field theory come from both field theory lore and black hole physics. Two current approaches to quantum gravity, asymptotic safety and Horava-Lifshitz gravity, both of which treat quantum gravity as a local renormalizable QFT, are explicitly constructed to counter field theory arguments about the non-renormalizability of gravity. However, any proposed renormalizable theory of quantum gravity must also answer black hole physics based counter-arguments.

Lorentz symmetry: Broken, intact or deformed?

Is aether technically natural?
I will discuss whether higher energy Lorentz violation should be considered a natural expectation in theories of quantum gravity with a preferred frame.

If spacetime is a causal set then Lorentz symmetry is unbroken

Quantum superpositions of the speed of light

Quantum Gravity Effects in Black Holes and Gravitational Waves

Quantum-gravity effects as noise for gravity-wave detectors
I discuss a mechanism that can allow Planck scale effects to manifest themselves as a source of lof-frequency noise for interferometers.  The mechanism requires a discrete formulation of dynamics at the Planck scale.

Dancing in the Dark: Images of Quantum Black Holes