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Dynamic Time: The "Missing Link" in the Search for a Unified Theory?
Speaker(s): Avshalom Elitzur
Abstract: While modern theories lavishly invoke several spatial dimensions within models that seek to unify relativity theory and quantum mechanics, none seems to consider the possibility that a yet-unfamiliar aspect of time may do the work. I introduce the notion of Becoming and then consider its consequences for physical theory. Becoming portrays a possible aspect of time that is "curled" very much like the extra spatial dimensions in superstring theories. Within the resulting picture of spacetime, some fundamental aspects of quantum mechanics, special and general relativity, thermodynamics and modern cosmology fit in very naturally. The proposed model is not yet a scientific theory as it still lacks a rigorous formalism and experimental predictions, yet it points out an entire family of possible theories that merit serious consideration.
Date: 21/04/2006 - 10:00 am
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