Renormalizing TGFTs: a 3d example on SU(2)


Carrozza, S. (2012). Renormalizing TGFTs: a 3d example on SU(2). Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/12120007


Carrozza, Sylvain. Renormalizing TGFTs: a 3d example on SU(2). Perimeter Institute, Dec. 06, 2012, https://pirsa.org/12120007


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Sylvain Carrozza University of Burgundy

Talk Type Scientific Series


I will recall the main motivations for considering spin foam models in their Group Field Theory (GFT) versions, which are quantum field theories defined on group manifolds. As for any other quantum field theory, a fully consistent definition of the latter must involve renormalization. I will briefly review a specific class of GFTs, called tensorial, for which progress in this direction has recently been possible. A new just-renormalizable model, in three dimensions and on the SU(2) group, will be presented. Interestingly, it includes the geometric constraint of the Boulatov model, and might as such be related to Euclidean quantum gravity in three dimensions. Furthermore, this opens the way to a similar analysis of current 4d gravity spin foam models.