A Generalized Hartle-Hawking State


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Alexander, Stephon. A Generalized Hartle-Hawking State. Perimeter Institute, Apr. 01, 2021, https://pirsa.org/21040007


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Stephon Alexander Brown University

Talk Type Scientific Series


The Hartle-Hawking-Vilenkin state is defined on mini-superspace and is semiclassically related to inflationary theory.  However, the state suffers a few problems connected to the path integral of Euclidean or the Lorentzian measure of metrics.  In this talk, we will explore a way around these issues by working in the (Ashtekar) connection representation, a real Kodama-Chern-Simons state.  We find a generalized "Fourier Transform" that related the Chern-Simons-Kodama state to the Hartle-Hawking state beyond mini-superspace.  We end with some discussion and open ended questions for cosmology and quantum gravity.