We introduce the basic elements of tensorial group field theories (TGFTs) for quantum gravity, emphasizing how they encode quantum geometry and their relation with canonical loop quantum gravity and spin foam models. Next, we discuss briefly the issue of continuum limit and how it could be understood in this framework.

In the bulk of the talk, we overview the work on the extraction of an effective cosmological dynamics from TGFTs, inspired by the idea of the universe as a quantum gravity condensate. In this context, we emphasize: the need for appropriately coarse-grained states capturing collective dynamics and the role of relational observables and their construction. We discuss what the theory says (so far) about the fate of the big bang singularity at the beginning of our universe and how it suggests a quantum gravity origin for (phantom) dark energy.



Talk Number PIRSA:21050026
Speaker Profile Daniele Oriti
Collection Quantum Gravity