Entropy, Causal Diagrams and Warped Flat Spacetimes


Wutte, R. (2021). Entropy, Causal Diagrams and Warped Flat Spacetimes. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/21120025


Wutte, Raphaela. Entropy, Causal Diagrams and Warped Flat Spacetimes. Perimeter Institute, Dec. 08, 2021, https://pirsa.org/21120025


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Raphaela Wutte Technische Universität Wien

Talk Type Scientific Series


Conformal field theories have played an important role in understanding the origin of gravitational entropy, as the Cardy formula accounts for the entropy of three-dimensional BTZ black holes or black holes with an AdS3 near-horizon region. More recently, Cardy-type formulas have also been derived for different field theories, such as warped conformal field theories, which are two-dimensional field theories invariant under chiral scaling symmetry.

In this talk I discuss a particular class of three-dimensional spacetimes, dubbed warped flat spaces. I will present their geometric and thermodynamic properties, focusing on their causal structure. I will explain how their entropy can be accounted for through a dual description in terms of a warped conformal field theory.