Foundations of Quantum Mechanics

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The foundations of quantum mechanics have been revitalized in the past few decades by three developments:  (i) the influence of quantum computation and quantum information theory (ii) studies of the interplay between quantum theory and relativity particularly the analysis of indefinite causal structure and (iii) proposals to reconstruct quantum theory from basic axioms.  There have also been very interesting developments in understanding and classifying no=locality and contextuality using tools from sheaf theory and cohomology as well as operator algebras and category theory. The International Congress of Mathematical Physics is a natural forum for the discussion of these topics.  In the past there have been satellite workshops on topics like Operator algebras and quantum statistical mechanics which also address fundamental issues.  The modern study of quantum foundations is very much influenced and informed by mathematics:  sheaf theory and cohomology category theory information theory convex analysis in addition to the continuing interest in operator algebras and functional analysis. The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers who have made substantial contribution to the recent developments.  The workshop will be held at Perimeter Institute over a five day period from July 30

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